Elite Sports Video (ESV) offers customized outsourced video editing solutions so that your organization can focus on its core competencies. Video plays an important role in athletics, promoting your organization, and providing a value to the athletes participating in any sport. That said, video editing and production can be cumbersome, expensive and time consuming for the inexperienced individual or organization. Let ESV handle all of your video editing needs (highlight videos, recruiting videos, game production, archiving, online content management, syncing video productions with audio broadcasts, custom graphic generation, etc.).

We can provide you with specific case studies displaying how we have helped organizations reach and exceed levels of growth and value through outsourcing their video needs to ESV. If you are a recruiting service that would like to lose the hassle of editing video, then we can help you increase your efficiency so you can focus on growing and expanding. If you are a high school or college with a low budget that cannot afford your own resources, then we can provide you with an inexpensive outsourced solution to bring professional video to your organization at a rate that will dwarf your in-house costs and also deliver superior quality through our customized techniques and High Defintion video solutions!

Our editing and production suites are fully capable to edit raw, uncompressed High Definition video. Send us your raw footage and we will send you a professionally edited video.

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